Artlink is located in the heart of downtown in the Auer Center for Arts and Culture on a thriving arts campus. It is one of 12 principal partners of the regional arts fund, Arts United, strategically situated among other key regional players.

Downtown Crosswalk murals

Amplify Art! Downtown Fort Wayne Crosswalk Murals

Arts United - Amplify Art

We met our goal! THANK YOU! Check back Spring 2016 to see murals in progress.

Artlink is accepting donations for Downtown Crosswalk Murals, part of Arts United’s Amplify Art! grant program. The goal of this project is to bring more art to downtown Fort Wayne. Artlink has hired two artists, Adam Garland and Nate Utesch, who will receive a stipend to design two crosswalk murals that will be installed on the downtown Fort Wayne arts campus next summer. The expectation of the murals is to inspire more crosswalk mural projects throughout the city. Crosswalk murals will lend vibrancy to downtown Fort Wayne, while also increasing visibility for pedestrians.

Arts United has graciously donated $1,000 in seed funds toward the project and has announced they will match donations from the general public dollar for dollar up to $1,500, with support from the Knight Foundation. Donations can be made through the Arts United website ( and will be accepted until the end of October. The link for the donation website can also be found through Artlink’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Donations may also be made in person at Artlink.



CO.STARTERS is a process designed to turn your business idea into action. Artlink has licensed the successful curriculum from The Co.Lab in Chattanooga, TN.

CO.STARTERS is a nine-week program meeting once a week for three hours. Facilitators are experienced entrepreneurs who are well connected in the business community. Guest speakers share the challenges they faced while starting and growing businesses and business professionals from leading accounting and law firms offer their support to program participants.

Throughout this business model discovery process, participants identify and test business assumptions through customer interactions, develop a functioning business model, learn valuable management and marketing skills, and receive constructive feedback from advisors, peers and former grads. At the end, you’ll have the tools, framework and momentum you need to make your vision a reality—and the best part is you won’t be in it alone.

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Art Dialogues

Art Dialogues are offered in concurrence with each CO.STARTERS class.  They include panel discussions, roundtables and info sessions.  These are one-time events that offer a quick shot of networking or information in a short time frame.  Art Dialogues fees are discounted for CO.STARTERS participants, grads and Artlink members.  Fees are determined per Art Dialogue session.
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Community Supported Art

In the spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Art (CSA) connects buyers directly with producers. Like an agriculture share program, our CSA allows buyers to purchase “shares” in local artists and reap the benefits over the summer. Nine artists will be selected to receive a $550 stipend to produce 25 shares of art. Interested consumers/collectors will purchase a share and in return receive 3 “art boxes” of locally produced artwork at intervals over the summer. Visual artists, musicians, performing artists, and writers are invited to submit work samples to be considered for inclusion in the inaugural CSA.
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The Fort Wayne Arts Incubator bridges the gap for folks who have a great idea or talent but do not know how to act on it. Nowhere in Northeast Indiana is there an organization that caters specifically to the needs of arts-based entrepreneurs. Meeting the needs of entrepreneurs is another step toward creating a vibrant livable cultural climate that we all desire with a focus on downtown Fort Wayne.